Finalize a ticket's lifecycle, enabling the NFT claim functionality.

The POST /checkedin endpoint allows you to finalize a ticket's lifecycle on the blockchain. A checked-in ticket it will no longer be open for resale, scanning, or invalidation and will be considered fully 'used'.

A ticket must be checked-in prior to unlocking the claim functionality. There is also no need to issue both a scan and a check-in for a single-use ticket, a single check-in is recommended.

The following fields will be publicly available on the blockchain:

  • ticketId
  • orderTime

The field ticketId in request body must represent a ticket that was previously sold (and resold if applicable) in the Create Sold Tickets step.

You can update a maximum of 100 ticket objects on each request.

Possible error codes:

  • "error": "ticket_not_found"
  • "error": "ticket_invalidated"
  • "error": "ticket_checked_in"
  • "error": "ticket_claimed"
  • "error": "unknown"
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