Register a scan event on the ticket timeline.


The purpose of this end-point will soon be changed

To facilitate multi-scan tickets, the 'scan' operation will no longer finalize the ticket for further use, nor will it enable claiming. Scanning will be able to be done multiple times to represent this information on-chain. To finalize a ticket for use and to enable claiming, please use the checked-in endpoint

The POST /scanned endpoint allows you to mark NFTs as scanned in the blockchain while registering the metadata of the scan. After scanning a ticket it will not longer be open for resale and invalidation. A ticket must be scanned prior to unlocking the claim functionality.

The following fields will be publicly available on the blockchain:

  • ticketId
  • orderTime

The field ticketId in request body must represent a ticket that was previously sold (and resold if applicable) in the Create Sold Tickets step.

You can update a maximum of 100 ticket objects on each request.

Possible error codes:

  • "error": "ticket_not_found"
  • "error": "ticket_invalidated"
  • "error": "ticket_scanned"
  • "error": "unknown"
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