Transfer the NFT to a user's own wallet.

The POST /claimed endpoint allows claiming a checked-in NFT to a wallet address outside of the GET Protocol ecosystem, typically a ticket owners personal wallet address.

Once a ticket is claimed it will no longer be able to be managed by Ticket Engine and because of this the claim operation needs to be the final step in the ticket lifecyle after successful scan. Invalidated tickets cannot be claimed. This will trigger a transfer to the address provided in the to field.

The following fields will be publicly available on the blockchain:

  • ticketId
  • orderTime
  • to

The field ticketId in request body must represent a ticket that was previously been scanned in the Update Scanned Tickets step.

You can update a maximum of 100 ticket objects on each request.

Possible error codes:

  • "error": "ticket_not_found"
  • "error": "ticket_invalidated"
  • "error": "ticket_claimed"
  • "error": "not_yet_scanned"
  • "error": "unknown"
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