Create an NFT on the blockchain, starting the lifecycle of the ticket.

The POST /sold endpoint allows you to create NFTs that represent sold tickets on the primary market of a specific event. Creating tickets on-chain is asynchronous in nature and cannot be cancelled at this time, and sales will be registered in the order they are sent.

The following fields will be publicly available on the blockchain:

  • ticketId
  • orderTime
  • price
  • uri (if provided)

The following fields will not be publicly available on the blockchain and will be used within the API only:

  • eventId

The field eventId in request body must represent an event that was previously registered in the Create Event step.

You can create a maximum of 100 ticket objects on each request.

Possible error codes:

  • "error": "ticket_exists"
  • "error": "event_not_found"
  • "error": "unknown"
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