The POST /events endpoint allows you to register an event and all of it's relevant metadata within GET Protocol and propagate this data to the blockchain.

An event must first be registered before any ticket action be accepted within that event.

Please note that currency is a required field and should match the price that will be submitted when registering a sold ticket, and is required to enable the on-chain billing.

The following fields will be publicly available on the blockchain (if provided):

  • eventName
  • ticketeerId
  • ticketeerName
  • currency
  • shopUrl
  • imageUrl
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • startTime
  • endTime

The following fields will not be publicly available on the blockchain and are used only in the API:

  • eventId
  • callbackUrl

Possible error codes:

  • "error": "event_exists"
  • "error": "unknown"
  • "error": "unsupported_currency"

If callbackUrl is not set, you won't get any callbacks every time there is an update to a transaction on the blockchain, but the txPromise can still be used to query/poll the GET /transactions endpoint to retrieve the blockchainStatus (and other relevant information) for each individual request made for this event.

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