Wallet Transfer (Metamask)


Purchasing GET

In order to top up directly using your cryptocurrency wallet you will need to have a GET tokens already within your wallet and on the Polygon network. A guide to purchasing GET on Polygon is available on the Community FAQ.

Calculating the Total

When topping up using Metamask with GET that you already own or have purchased, it can be challenging to calculate the price needed to top up as it is impossible for the dashboard to know the price at which each user purchased GET. Some users may have acquired it within the last 10 minutes while others may have bought a batch at the start of the year and held it since.

Because of this we maintain a system price known as the 'price oracle' that is updated multiple times a day to track the price of GET near enough to real-time. To protect from volatility in the price of GET after topping up the value of each top up is fixed in USD and as such the USD value of each top up of GET will be fixed.

The current system price of GET will be displayed at the top up stage and can be used to calculate the total top up value.


The fastest and most direct way to top up your account is using GET from your Metamask wallet.


Connect your Metamask wallet

1. Connect To Wallet

When arriving at the Top Up page for the first time you will need to connect to your Metamask wallet. Clicking 'Connect Wallet' will prompt you to enter your Metamask password.

2. Metamask Prompt

Once you have entered your password you will be asked which account you wish to connect with. This is the account that you will use to top up your account balance and will need to have a GET token balance. If you are not already connected to the Polygon network then a prompt will appear asking you to 'Switch Network'.


Approve spending of GET

3. First-Time GET Approval

The first time you top up from wallet you will need to approve GET for spending. This is a common step when interacting with smart contracts for the first time and is necessary to allow us to transfer this GET from your wallet and into your account balance.

4. Approval Prompt

Metamask will prompt you to confirm this approval transaction. After clicking confirm this may take a number of seconds and you will be able to monitor the status of this transaction from within Metamask itself.


The top up transaction

5. Input Amount & Top Up

Once approved you will be able to input the amount of GET you wish to top up and below will list the amount of GET within your wallet and the current price available within the system. Enter the amount of GET that you wish to top up into your account and check the price, VAT details, and total before continuing.

6. Transaction Prompt

This will open the final Metamask prompt asking you to confirm the top up transaction. Be aware that when you confirm this transaction the amount of GET you wish to top up will be deducted from your wallet and provided to the protocol, topping up your account.


Successful top up

7. Top Up Invoice

The dashboard will update when the top up has been successful and you will receive a notification. This is likely to happen within a few seconds to a couple of minutes, but it's not unheard of to take longer during periods of network congestion. Use Metamask to see the status of your transaction.

When the top up has been registered you will receive a success message and a new top up will appear in the 'Billing' section indicating that that the invoice is being generated. It is safe to refresh the page or return at a later time to download the PDF invoice.