Use the Top Up page to:

  • Directly top up your account using Metamask and GET within your wallet.
  • See top up history.
  • Download PDF invoices for each top up.

Accounting in USD

As a global protocol with customers around the world it is necessary to standardise on accounting on the most accessible currency in all territories. Doing so is also important within the cryptocurrency space as pricing and value is often also denominated in USD.

Primary account balances are denominated in USD

Primary account balances are denominated in USD

1. Account Balance

The account balances across the integrator dashboard will always be USD denominated as are fees processed when using the white-label product. To handle this the price of each ticket is converted to USD, known as its basePrice, prior to processing a usage charge against your account balance. Top ups are therefore also USD denominated and each top up will be fixed in USD value at the time of top up.

All invoices downloaded from the dashboard will be USD denominated.

Sales Tax (VAT)

As GET Protocol Foundation is registered and regulated in the Netherlands, it is required that sales tax (VAT) is applied at the point of top up, regardless of the source of funding. This is currently 21% for customers also based in the Netherlands and will be reflected on the invoice generated at the time of top up. Your VAT number can be set and adjusted on the Account page.

  • For customers within the EU, the invoice and top up will be generated without VAT and this will be defined as a 'Reversed Charge' on the invoice.
  • For customers outside of the EU, the exact handling of this will vary depending on location and this will be covered during the onboarding process.