Head to the Source

The contracts are open sourced on GitHub and the documentation there will be more comprehensive and detailed than on this page. Check the repository for the most up-to-date information.

Protocol Contracts


The BaseNFT contract handles the minting of the ERC-721 Ticket NFTs. The primarySaleMint function is called by the relayer addresses to authorize the minting of an NFT.


Metadata (such as name, shopUrl, latitude/longitude) is stored on the EventMetadataStorage contract. This can be viewed using the getEventData view function using the event address.


Responsible for managing the internal balances and accounting within the protocol. Tracks Silo, NFT Fuel Tank, and Depot balances.


Manages and stores global variables for protocol operation such as DAO fee collector and treasury addresses.

Fee Collector

The DAO revenue collection address, where funds are collected to after being swept from the depot.


A relayer is responsible for minting the NFTs for an integrator and the is used to track GET balance and accounting per-relayer-address. These relayer addresses have indepenedent rate configurations depending on the products they use. See integrators for more.

Currently all users of the white-label share a single relayer address and config. These will be separated into their own separate relayer address over time.