Video Metadata

Video NFT content is now supported on tickets and events, enabling video cover images and NFT ticket video content. YouTube content is also supported.

A videoUrl is now available when creating soldTicket actions on/stream endpoint to have your tickets display a video on marketplaces that support video content. Alternatively, you can set a defaultNftVideoUrl when creating a newEvent action so that all tickets for that event fallback to this default when not provided their own specific video.


  • Added coverVideoUrl on Stream newEvent and updateEvent request data fields.
  • Added defaultNftVideoUrl on Stream newEvent and updateEvent request data fields.
  • Added videoUrl on Stream soldTicket and updateTicket request data fields.
  • Renamed imageUrl on StreamnewEvent and updateEvent requests to coverImageUrl.
  • Renamed uri on Stream on soldTicket and updateTicket requests to imageUrl.
  • Added animation_url on Metadata responses when video is set.
  • Added youtube_url on Metadata responses, when video is set and is a valid YouTube url (<> is also accepted).


To see how this would look and behave on OpenSea, you can view a ticket containing video NFT content.